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Resident Testimonial: Dr. Norman Barr

Barbara Whalen

Grand Oaks has taken excellent care of me, and I’m truly happy here.

“I’ve been at Grand Oaks for almost two years. I was cooking dinner one night when I fell and broke my back, and I’ve been here ever since. They’ve taken excellent care of me, and I’m truly happy here.

I chose Grand Oaks because of their reputation and experience. I practiced as a medical doctor here for 26 years, so I know Sibley Memorial Hospital well. Many of my patients came here and told me about how wonderful their experience was. The staff here has been well trained and well selected. They are all very kind and helpful. Their preparation and responsiveness are impeccable. If you need help or have a question, you don’t have to wait very long for someone to come and check on you.

Grand Oaks makes it easy to see your family and spend time with them. Since the pandemic, it’s been hard having family visit in person. But Grand Oaks has made it possible for my family to make an appointment online to come see me once a week, which I greatly appreciate. They have done a wonderful job keeping us safe. Being under the Johns Hopkins Medical System, we have great access to medical assistance. I can’t imagine a retirement community doing a better job than Grand Oaks has done.

The availability of medical care is very important to the residents. With the main hospital just 100 yards away, it’s easily accessible at all times. The variety and selection of medical personnel is very, very good. It’s an excellent hospital—I know from experience.

Plus, there’s plenty to do. Grand Oaks offers a wide range of activities that appeal to everyone. The activities department arranges new events every day. They offer special activities around the holidays, like decorating pumpkins. There are also many exercise classes to take. They arrange nice trips to areas in Washington, DC for small groups.

I would highly recommend Grand Oaks to those who need care. Nothing can compare to Grand Oaks.

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