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Get to Know the Grand Oaks Team: Jessie Charles

Dec 22, 2022 | Featured, Grand Oaks Team, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

The team at Grand Oaks dedicates their time daily to improving seniors’ lives and meeting their evolving needs. Jessie Charles, RN, BSN, the newest addition to our team, shares this commitment.

Jessie recently joined the Grand Oaks team as our Director of Nursing. Early in her career, Jessie worked as an Emergency Room Nurse for many years before becoming a Nurse Manager in the long-term care/skilled rehabilitation setting. Jessie also has expertise in marketing as a Clinical Nurse Liaison for a skilled rehab center.

Over the past five years, Jessie developed her leadership skills as a Delegating Nurse and Director of Nursing for another assisted living community. At Grand Oaks, she strives to continue her work to be a loyal, dedicated senior advocate and promote the well-being of the senior community.

Learn more about Jessie and her role at Grand Oaks in our Q&A below.

Grand Oaks: Why did you choose to become a nurse?

Jessie Charles: I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. I was deciding between pursuing a career as a teacher or a nurse, but I come from a long line of nurses. My mother, sister, and two aunts are all nurses. It’s in my blood.

Grand Oaks: How would you describe your role and the care you provide residents? 

Jessie Charles: I am a resident advocate, I provide care and follow up with residents regarding their day-to-day activities, daily living, and well-being.

Grand Oaks: You recently began working at Grand Oaks. How was your experience joining the Grand Oaks community?

Jessie Charles: I have enjoyed my experience working with Grand Oaks and am looking forward to learning a lot more about my residents, the staff, and the processes related to my job. 

Grand Oaks: How long have you worked in senior care?

Jessie Charles: I have worked in senior care for about 11 years of my nursing career. 

Grand Oaks: Why do you enjoy working at Grand Oaks? What made you choose Grand Oaks? 

Jessie Charles: I enjoy working at Grand Oaks because I can learn more about each resident daily. The management team, staff nurses, and supervisors are very welcoming. I chose Grand Oaks because assisted living is different from acute care and the rehab setting; you can get to know your residents and staff more easily.       

Grand Oaks: In your opinion, what differentiates Grand Oaks from other senior living facilities?

Jessie Charles: Grand Oaks is a larger facility, and the care the team provides is specialized for each resident.

Grand Oaks: What is your advice for families considering senior living for their loved ones? 

Jessie Charles: I recommend it because a senior living setting takes the responsibility away from the family to assist the resident in every aspect of their daily living, appointments, follow-ups, new medications, and other things residents need as they age in place in comfort.

Grand Oaks: Share a favorite moment or memory at Grand Oaks. 

Jessie Charles: I am fairly new to Grand Oaks. But I enjoyed the Town Hall meeting and the holiday party, where my colleague Jermaine wore an inflatable Santa suit. It made the residents very happy, and I was glad to be a part of that.  

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