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Resident Testimonial: Sageta Jackson

Sageta Jackson

Grand Oaks encouraged me to be independent, and I really appreciate that.

“I worked as a speech pathologist. It was a wonderful career. I learned how to be sensitive to others’ needs. We were told to help, not hinder. This came full circle when I had a stroke.

Having a stroke made me dependent on others, and I had to adjust and come up with a plan. Grand Oaks was part of that plan. They were extremely supportive in helping me adjust to my new situation. They treated me like an adult. Grand Oaks encouraged me to be independent, and I really appreciate that.

They want you to think for yourself and do whatever you can to help yourself and become independent. Having a normal life, to me, was more important than anything. They treated me like everyone else. I wasn’t cast off into a corner because I couldn’t speak properly. They would help and make sure I learned whatever skill it was that I was missing.

I learned everything I needed without asking because they were able to observe my behavior. They could see how I coped with simple tasks like sitting, interacting, and eating, and gave me feedback about how I could improve. I’m now speaking for myself, and that shows a lot. Grand Oaks is a system that works for people who need remedial care, like I did.

I think this place does a fabulous job providing for our needs. At the beginning of the pandemic, I still needed help eating. That was scary. But the staff was there for me and helped me through that difficult time. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, someone will come to my apartment and spend time with me.

And my apartment is great. I’m on the second floor and I have huge windows so I’m always looking outside. My favorite part is that I can put plants in my window, and they will grow. I really enjoy that. It truly is lovely. It’s a great place to be.

I have nothing but praise for Grand Oaks.

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