Show Your Lungs Some Love for National Healthy Lung Month

October is National Healthy Lung Month. Grand Oaks has compiled information and tips to help you and your lungs stay healthy as you age.

Find Your ‘Spark of Creativity’ This National Assisted Living Week

Sept. 8-14 is National Assisted Living Week (NALW). The theme is “A Spark of Creativity,” encouraging creative expression through art, music, and beyond.

Seniors & Heat Stroke: How to Stay Safe During the Summer Heat

Heat-related illness, including heat stroke, is 100% preventable. If you’re a senior or a senior caregiver, consider these heat safety tips this summer.

What Seniors Need to Know About Herbal Supplements & Prescription Medications

July is Herbal/Prescription Interaction Awareness Month. It’s time to educate seniors about herbal supplements and the dangers of mixing with prescriptions.