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10 Reasons Your Senior Loved One Will Love Living at Grand Oaks

Oct 20, 2021 | Caregiver Support, Grand Oaks News | 0 comments

For the past 20 years, Grand Oaks has provided excellence in senior and assisted living. In fact, Grand Oaks was recognized with the Silver Quality Award by the American Healthcare Association and National Center for Assisted Living for its commitment to improving the lives of residents through quality care. Amongst the staff, residents, and their families, one thing is clear—there is a lot to love about living at Grand Oaks. Here’s why your senior loved one will love life at Grand Oaks.

  1. The staff at Grand Oaks is educated, caring, pleasant, and energetic. Take it from resident Mary Haynes: “The staff have been so accessible and attentive, and they’ve been that way from the very first day. I can say that I have real friendships with so many of the staff members here. Everyone wants you to be comfortable and part of life here.”
  2. There are an abundance of activities. Designed to stimulate both the mind and the body, daily, weekly, and monthly activities at Grand Oaks improve residents’ quality of life and offer socialization. Mind activities, which are critical to maintaining cognitive health, include book clubs, music appreciation, computer classes, stress management and relaxation classes, and more. Some of the physical activities offered are exercise classes, walking club, gardening, and ballroom dancing. Social activities include discussion groups, cooking, resident socials, and pet visits.
  3. The access to great healthcare. Grand Oaks proudly offers consultative services by Johns Hopkins physicians who are trained in Alzheimer’s, memory care, and aging and frailty. Grand Oaks physicians partner with your loved one’s primary care physician to complement the care they’re already receiving and tailor our care to their needs. Located on the campus of Sibley Memorial Hospital, Grand Oaks residents are able to enjoy life, knowing that a full medical campus is just feet away if they need them.
  4. The apartments are hard to beat. Spacious, sophisticated apartments provide the perfect blend of modern living and historic architecture. Some of the features include a large safety-designed bathroom, an individually controlled thermostat, and large bay windows. Plus, all utilities are included! Resident Barbara Whalen says, “I loved that I had the freedom to decorate my apartment however I wanted with all of my personal memories and decorations – this really made it feel like home for me.”
  5. Residents remain independent. Assisted living helps seniors maximize dignity, privacy, autonomy, choice, and safety. The range and level of services varies based on individual need. The combination of a supportive and safe home-style environment and personal assistance amenities allows residents to maintain their independence and quality of life.
  6. The food is great. Grand Oaks offers restaurant-style dining with delicious meals prepared by on-site chef Andrew Conlin. Meals are prepared specially to meet dietary requirements using fresh and healthy ingredients. Original menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert rotate daily. Residents can also enjoy a choice of beer and wine at mealtimes.
  7. Safety and security features keep residents safe. Apartments are equipped with several safety features including grab bars in bathrooms, emergency call buttons, and more. With 24-hour nursing care and direct access to Sibley Memorial Hospital’s emergency care services, your loved one has access to medical care when and if they need it.
  8. Many resources are available. Beyond assisted living, respite, and memory care services, Grand Oaks offers online resources related to fitness, health and wellness, safety, financial advice, and more. Seniors, caregivers, and families alike can enjoy and learn from expert news and articles.
  9. Support for family and caregivers is provided. Grand Oaks cares not only about their residents, but for their families and caregivers as well. By providing resources like caregiving tips, frequently asked questions, and assisted living options, Grand Oaks aims for complete support for all parties involved.
  10. Relationships last a lifetime. Grand Oaks truly is a community. Residents can build friendships with both staff and other residents. As Mary and Frank Wright say, “I’ve found that most of the relationships – friendships, really – that I’ve built at Grand Oaks have been over the dinner table. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have some lively conversation and spend time with one another. That’s where we meet other people, and it’s been very helpful for us. We really look out for one another here at Grand Oaks.”

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