Memory Care of The Oasis Neighborhood of Grand Oaks

The Oasis Neighborhood of Grand Oaks is located on the campus of Sibley Memorial Hospital in Northwest Washington, D.C. There, you’ll find a comfortable, home-like setting for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related disorders. This nurturing and peaceful environment helps to calm residents and give family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe.

Personalized Memory Care

A full staff of nurses is available 24-hours a day to you or your loved one. Our specialized care team maintains attentive relationships with all residents and bases care off of each resident’s routine and personal preferences. You or your loved one will receive:

  • Medication monitoring, management, and administration.
  • Closely monitoring behavior, mood, routine, and cognitive abilities to gain a complete understanding of your current state of health.
  • Respectful hands-on assistance with your daily activities like eating, incontinence care, bathing, laundry, transportation, and dressing.
Home-like Setting

To create a nurturing and peaceful environment, each private suite is designed for your comfort and safety. The familiar, home-like setting provides a calming atmosphere to help improve memory recall. Your suite includes:

Activities and Amenities

Enjoy a mix of activities and amenities that stimulate your mind and body on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Improve your quality of life and form lasting friendships with your fellow residents and staff members. Activities and amenities available to you include:

Resident Safety

The safety of you or your loved one is as important as making you feel at home. That’s why our entire residence is self-contained. Amenities are designed for ease of use, and you have the freedom to move safely and securely throughout the neighborhood. Safety features include:

  • Monitored medication administration.
  • Prompt and gentle reminders for your daily activities.
  • Responsive care from your nursing team.
2018 Bronze National Quality Award Winner

We're honored to be recognized for our commitment to improving the lives of residents like you!

Caring Staff

"The staff here at Grand Oaks treats you really quite well and I have nothing but good things to say them."

Jim Peters

Current Resident