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Fine Dining at Grand Oaks

At the heart of a good life is great food. You can enjoy the feeling of eating out at an elegant restaurant every night at Grand Oaks when you dine in with us. Our executive chef, Andrew Conlin, crafts mouth-watering gourmet menus using garden-fresh seasonal vegetables and organic ingredients. The variety will delight you, and the dining experience caters to your preferences in seating, meal times, and palate.

Of course, we have your health and wellbeing in mind with every dish on the menu. We use only choice cuts of fresh meats and seafood, and all foods are prepared with zero trans fat using olive and canola oils. We’re also happy to accommodate your vegetarian diet.

Your Dining Experience

What do you have to look forward to with our restaurant-style dining service? All of this:

  • Browse varied, original menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. (See a sample menu.)
  • Enjoy beer or wine with your meals.
  • Join us in our dining room and greet your friends as you enjoy your food, or order room service for some quiet time.
  • Invite your loved ones to dine with you when they visit.
Chef Andrew Conlin

Executive Chef Andrew Conlin

Chef Conlin takes pride in choosing the finest ingredients, planning creative and beautiful dishes, and cultivating good relationships with the people who supply your food. Here’s a glimpse at his philosophy:

“It’s about the ingredients, and those ingredients that are coming from our farmers, our fisherman, our gardeners, our foragers and how important those individuals are in what we do and what we are able to prepare for our guests. Some of the farmers and fishermen and gardeners have small businesses, and they need the support of the chef; that responsibility is very significant in that relationship and one that I cherish.”