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‘Capture the Moment’ During National Assisted Living Week

Sep 13, 2018 | Grand Oaks News, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

Mark your calendars! Sept. 9-15 is National Assisted Living Week®, a special time of year to recognize the role of assisted living in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Established by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) in 1995, National Assisted Living Week® provides a unique opportunity for residents, their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and their communities to educate others about the value of assisted living communities. The annual observance recognizes the variety of events, activities, and services provided by assisted living communities like Grand Oaks to celebrate the seniors they serve.

This year’s theme of National Assisted Living Week is “Capture the Moment,” which inspires residents to continue to realize their dreams and seize the day and reflect back on the most pivotal moments of their lives. It’s a celebration of the everyday tasks, activities, and special moments that maximize residents’ independence while honoring their individuality and what matters most to them.

“We want this year’s National Assisted Living Week® to help overcome the stigma that older adults in assisted living communities, and other settings for that matter, don’t have a purpose in life anymore,” said NCAL Executive Director Scott Tittle in a statement. “No matter your age, we should all be living life to its fullest.”

Grand Oaks couldn’t agree more. Every day, we help to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of our residents. Each activity and event aims to improve our residents’ quality of life and bring residents and staff closer together. From brain fitness and social activities like bridge club, resident socials, and theatre and concert outings, to physical activities like aquatic exercise, gardening, and walking club, Grand Oaks encourages all residents to continue to live life to the fullest.

We’re also passionate about celebrating and sharing our residents’ accomplishments and stories with our community. After all, we have some very incredible people in our midst who deserve the recognition. Take Elaine Light, for example. Elaine was one of few women to join the Associated Press as a reporter in 1944. Elaine’s also a foodie and was instrumental in starting a culinary school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Or Doanne Kiechel, a Naval Academy alum, retired naval officer, and Korean War vet. He spends his days at Grand Oaks trying to stay active and healthy, and socializing with fellow resident veterans.

Curious how you can “capture the moment” and celebrate the life of a loved one this National Assisted Living Week®, too? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a family tree that can be shared with the entire family.
  • “Interview” your loved one about a special moment or accomplishment in their life (serving in WWII, life during segregation, etc.) Write it down or record a short video to watch later.
  • Have a family portrait taken that includes several generations.
  • Participate in other senior resident activities with your loved one.
  • Draw or paint a piece of art together that you can cherish for years to come. Think self or family portraits, or a key moment in your lives.
  • Get to know the folks who support your loved one at their assisted living community—stop by for a tour or attend an event.
  • Bake together—ask your loved one to share a cherished family recipe then spend an afternoon making it together.
  • Get active. Join a workout class (like Tai Chi or ballroom dancing) that’s geared toward seniors.
  • Give back to others. Consider holding a food drive, collecting items for care packages, or putting together backpacks for children returning to school.
  • Help your loved one fulfill a lifelong dream. You’re never too old to make your dreams come true.
  • Just spend time together—it’s the smallest moments that make the greatest impact.

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