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Winter Activities for Seniors

Dec 17, 2020 | Health & Wellness | 0 comments

The cold, the snow, the lack of daylight. All of these have the potential to make this winter feel especially dreary, boring, and isolating. However, it’s important for seniors to stay engaged and active to maintain good health and well-being. Instead of hibernating this winter, encourage your loved ones to try any of these winter activities for seniors.

For the mind:

  • Start or join a book club.
  • Or read that book you’ve been putting off for months.
  • Play a virtual board game that requires creativity or cognitive thinking—card games, chess, and more.
  • Take an online class in a subject that’s always interested you.
  • Work on a challenging crossword puzzle or word game.
  • Play a game of trivia with family or friends.
  • Start a daily journal.
  • Sleep in!
  • Learn a new skill, like a foreign language.
  • Practice using your memory by memorizing the lyrics to your favorite song or writing down your grocery list and trying to recall it all later.
  • Take a computer class or ask for a tutorial by a loved one.

For the body:

  • Try an online fitness video.
  • Dance!
  • Cook or bake a favorite family recipe.
  • Take a trip to the salon.
  • Try a new healthy recipe for dinner that’s loaded with vegetables and lean protein.
  • Go on a morning walk.
  • Enjoy exercises that incorporate low-impact moves and gentle stretching, like yoga and Tai chi.
  • Step outside, even for just 20 minutes.
  • Do chores around the house—not only does it feel better to have a clean living space, but doing light housework gets you up and moving.
  • Take an online cooking class.

For the spirit:

  • Attend a church service.
  • Create a playlist with all your favorite songs.
  • Schedule a happy hour with friends or family.
  • Get crafty and start a new creative project.
  • Write a letter or send a card to a friend.
  • Dive into and document your family ancestry.
  • Spend time with a family pet.
  • Start an indoor vegetable garden or grow a new houseplant.
  • Revisit a beloved hobby or pastime, like playing the piano.
  • Organize old photos and mementos or start a new photo scrapbook.
  • Give back to others. Many hospitals and organizations have ongoing projects you can contribute to, like knitting blankets or caps for NICUs.
  • Take a virtual museum tour.

Grand Oaks residents enjoy a host of activities from cultural offerings to physical, brain, and social activities. Learn all about our activities at Grand Oaks and contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Winter Safety for Seniors

Prepare for a healthier, safer winter with these tips.


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