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Resident Testimonial: Sandy Allen

Barbara Whalen

When I visited Grand Oaks, I knew right away, this was the place for me.

“I’ve been at Grand Oaks almost four months. I looked at many other assisted living communities, and none of them seemed right. When I visited Grand Oaks, I knew right away, this was the place for me.

I moved in during the pandemic. The precautions they take here are outstanding. They do things properly to ensure we stay safe. Staying in my apartment wasn’t hard for me because I lived alone for over 30 years. Plus, we still got to participate in some activities, which is my favorite part of living at Grand Oaks.

I love trivia and word games. I used to love doing crossword puzzles, but my eyesight isn’t great anymore. They’ve adapted the games to have larger fonts so that we can still play them. I really appreciate that. And of course, I love the exercise classes. I didn’t think I would, but they make exercise fun.

When the Olympics were on, Grand Oaks set up our own Olympic games in the library. We had to throw rings around cones and throw sandbags toward the fireplace to get points. Everyone had such a good time. Everyone who participated got a ribbon. I won first place, and I was so excited to show my family my prize. The staff made the program so much fun.

There are so many great and interesting people here at Grand Oaks. There’s a very good atmosphere here. Everyone is so kind, and a lot of them have wonderful stories to tell, which I love to listen to. Every time I walk by a staff member, they greet me by name. It’s so lovely that they take the time to know who I am. If I’m in my room for a while, someone will check on me to see if I’m okay. Their consideration is so important to me. They are all so upbeat and pleasant, and that’s a delightful thing to experience every day.

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