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Restaurant-Style Dining
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Fine-Dining Options
Special Entrees Daily
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Get an exclusive look at restaurant-style dining service at Grand Oaks and what our daily dining options and specials have to offer you and your loved ones. Our dining brochure is packed with important information⁠ like sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus to help you decide if Grand Oaks is a good fit for your family. Download your copy by filling out the form below!


Upscale Nutrition & Dining

Our menu is full of delicious options that rotate each day to cater to you and your loved ones. Health and happiness are top of mind, so we ensure the dining experience is one you’ll actually look forward to each day.

  • Menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • Resident-selected beer and wine
  • Custom dietary options, including a diabetic menu 

A Fine-Dining Experience

Enjoy restaurant-style dining that rivals many top restaurants in the Washington, D.C. metro area. It’s fine dining that combines tasty food and socialization.

  • Your choice of seating, mealtimes, and menu preferences
  • Mix and mingle over meals with other residents
  • Beer and wine available

Plenty of Menu Options

With your health and palate in mind, our chef uses only choice cuts of fresh meat and seafood, garden-fresh seasonal vegetables, and organic groceries.

  • Prepared to meet your specific dietary requirements
  • Uses only healthy and fresh ingredients 
  • All foods prepared with zero trans fat 

Dining Hours & Specials

Enjoy special entrees prepared daily by our on-site executive chef. As a resident at Grand Oaks, each week you’ll receive a list of our weekly specials and mealtimes.

  • Choose your preferred mealtime
  • Enjoy delectable menu options prepared on-site
  • Daily chef specials include filet mignon, salmon, scallops, and more

Get a Glimpse of Dining at Grand Oaks

Scroll through our photo gallery below to see gourmet dining and seasonal favorites.

“With my background in food writing and my love for opera and the symphony, I was excited that Grand Oaks offers several great activities and committees to join. I love being on the food committee, which works closely with our executive chef and his team on dishes and ingredients that residents want to eat. I also love that Grand Oaks organizes outings to the wonderful entertainment options that Washington, D.C. offers. There is no shortage of options to keep my day active and fun.”

Elaine Light

Grand Oaks Resident

“After my wife passed, I lived alone at our apartment and struggled to maintain a healthy diet and daily routine—I knew I needed help. After meeting with the staff at Grand Oaks, my experience with Sibley, the connection to Johns Hopkins, and the wonderful amenities, I knew Grand Oaks was the place I wanted to call home.”

Henry Thomas

Grand Oaks Resident

“On any given morning, you can find me and my friends sitting down to a delicious breakfast, courtesy of our executive chef Andrew Conlin, and having a great time together laughing and carrying on. The light and casual atmosphere here makes it easy to make friends and have a conversation with anyone.​”

Patricia Wertman

Grand Oaks Resident