Johns Hopkins Affiliation

Grand Oaks is proud to offer an amazing program such as the Johns Hopkins Memory and Care Program (JHMCP). The Johns Hopkins Memory and Care Program is an innovative and exceptional service designed to aid each resident in a personal and customized way. The program integrates comprehensive, state-of-the-art strategies for the care of all Grand Oaks residents. Our “aging well” model of care targets the physical, mental, and overall well-being of our residents through assessment and treatment.

Clinical Care

Consultative services are available to all residents by Johns Hopkins physicians who are subspecialty-trained in Alzheimer’s and memory care as well as aging and frailty. Beth Abate, D.NP., MSN, ANO-BC provides basic and preliminary medical services.

Our physicians and nurse practitioner partner with residents’ primary care physicians to complement the care they are already providing to offer thorough and comprehensive attention to our resident’s medical needs.

Staff Education

Staff training is in place to address the unique needs and concerns of Grand Oaks residents. The training focuses on teaching awareness of the aging process, frailty, and cognitive processes; empowering ALL staff to provide educated and well-informed patient care and interventions; and upholding our commitment to maintain the dignity and independence of every resident.

Wellness and Prevention Programs
Our goal is to incorporate evidence-based practices (i.e. interventions based on the results of industry research) to enhance activities currently offered at Grand Oaks. These programs will be integrated into everything from activities (guest speakers, class instructors, educational seminars and lectures) to fitness, lifestyle, and nutritional interventions.
Quality Care

"The residents are nice and the Grand Oaks staff is extremely helpful. I think all of us are blessed to have such nice people to take care of us and help us when we need it."

Doane Kiechel

Current Resident