Resident Testimonials

Learn about the experience of living at Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community through resident testimonials. Each and every Grand Oaks resident enjoys the comfort and amenities of a gracious and hospitable home. The combination of a supporting and safe home-style environment and personal assistance amenities allows each resident to continue an independent lifestyle to help improve the quality of life. The supportive staff at Grand Oaks is available for assistance at any time of the day or night. Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living community.

Patricia Wertman, Resident

Patricia, Grand Oaks ResidentI’ve been living at Grand Oaks Assisted Living Community for a little over three years, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

It’s the people here that make Grand Oaks not just a community for seniors, but a place that I can truly call home. I love the staff, and I think they’re all terrific and I make sure to let them know that. I don’t always need to be closely monitored or cared for as my medical issues aren’t as severe as others, but I love the feeling that if I need a little extra help, the staff are there for me. From getting my medication to simple requests I might have, they’re always so attentive and helpful. It’s truly extraordinary. It’s the little things that really go a long way for me, and I make sure to tell everyone that the care I receive here is excellent.

Not only is the staff excellent, but my fellow community residents are fantastic people as well. On any given morning, you can find me and my friends sitting down to a delicious breakfast, courtesy of our executive chef Andrew Conlin, and having a great time together laughing and carrying on. The light and casual atmosphere here makes it easy to make friends and have a conversation with anyone.

While reading is what I love to do the most, I appreciate all of the options we have available here. There’s never a shortage of fun activities to take part in. When I’m not reading, I really enjoy the weekly movie nights. The selection is fantastic, and at least once a month, we all go to the Avalon movie theater in downtown D.C. for a fun outing.

Without a doubt, I would refer Grand Oaks to everyone in need of assisted care. When I talk to friends or family about living here at Grand Oaks, it always goes back to the people and how exceptional they are. The staff is excellent at anticipating your needs, and there’s never any argument when you decide you want something else. The people here at Grand Oaks make my day better, and I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Martha Sullivan Young, Resident

Martha, Grand Oaks ResidentI woke up one morning and the sun was shining through the large windows in my apartment. The first thing that came to mind was that I feel wonderful here—in my home.

I knew about Grand Oaks for a while, even before my apartment search. I worked at the Washington Hospital Center for many years and saw the construction of this beautiful community. I remember thinking that this place had a smart, imaginative architect who tastefully created a place that meets the needs of so many different kinds of people.

When I first moved into my apartment, I quickly noticed the nice and spacious layout. I loved all of the natural light. The move-in process was seamless and easy thanks to the wonderful staff here. Filling my apartment with my home furnishings and memories as well as choosing the color of my walls made my apartment feel like home.

The coziness of my apartment went a long way with making it feel like home here, but it’s the staff that makes Grand Oaks so inviting. I’ve been so impressed with the staff since I moved in. They respect us, and they respect their work, which shows how much they truly care about Grand Oaks. There’s a sense of comfort and safety with that, and it makes a difference to me.

I’ve only been living here for a short time, but I can say with complete confidence that I’m grateful to be here and this is the type of community that people want. It’s so close to the city, which offers endless options for entertainment, but it’s far enough away from downtown D.C. to be peaceful and serene. I would definitely recommend Grand Oaks to anyone, regardless of level of care needed. It’s a place that caters to all.

Henry Thomas, Resident

Henry, Grand Oaks ResidentI hadn’t planned to move to an assisted living community. I was actually looking for a retirement community for a friend. While searching for communities to visit with her, Iona Senior Services referred us to Grand Oaks. In total, we visited four communities, and my friend ultimately chose a different community that fit her needs, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Grand Oaks and my personal connection to the community.

Grand Oaks stood out to me for many reasons, but the most important one was Sibley Memorial Hospital. Before helping my friend look for an assisted living community, my wife was battling cancer and receiving treatment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. We were traveling to the hospital three times a month, which was a taxing journey for both of us. Before her passing, she received her treatment at Sibley, which was an enormous relief. During that time, I was able to meet many wonderful people and get an in-depth look at the level of care provided at the hospital. After my wife passed, I lived alone at our apartment and struggled to maintain a healthy diet and daily routine – I knew I needed help.

After meeting with the staff at Grand Oaks, my experience with Sibley, the connection to Johns Hopkins, and the wonderful amenities, I knew Grand Oaks was the place I wanted to call home.

When it was time to move from my apartment to Grand Oaks, I was a little nervous with making such a big transition, but I was also excited to make new friends and have a structured daily routine. Grand Oaks’ help during the moving process made all of the difference. They suggested a moving company, which helped me a lot. When I finally got into my apartment at Grand Oaks, I was welcomed with a spacious, clean apartment filled with natural light and a beautiful view of the D.C. suburbs. Being able to customize my apartment anyway I want with my personal memories and decorations really made Grand Oaks feel like home to me.

I’ve been living at Grand Oaks for seven months now, and fortunately, I’m in good enough shape that I don’t need assisted care yet, but it’s so comforting knowing that I’ll have it available when I need it the most. I’ve been able to make great friends through the clubs and improve my health through my daily care routines with the staff.

I highly recommend Grand Oaks to anyone in the D.C. area looking for an assisted living community. It’s hard to find customized care plans, connections to Sibley Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins, and an abundance of activities and amenities all under one roof, but Grand Oaks has all of this and more.

Elaine Light, Resident

Elaine, Grand Oaks ResidentMy transition to Grand Oaks started with my family. I grew up, lived, and worked in Pittsburgh for most of my life starting as a news reporter before moving to Punxsutawney, PA and ultimately finding the love of my life there. I eventually made my way back to Pittsburgh after traveling the world as a food writer.

I settled back into the Pittsburgh way of life, but I started having health problems. This was a strain on me and my daughter as she was always traveling to be with me. My daughter, who lives in Washington, D.C., suggested that I move closer to her, so she started to look for an assisted living community for me.

She researched several communities and determined that Grand Oaks was the best fit for me. I’ve been living here for nine years, and I can say with confidence that she was absolutely correct. It was important to me that the community I lived in would accommodate my dialysis treatments, and Grand Oaks has been fantastic with meeting my healthcare needs.

The move-in process was very easy and stress-free. I was impressed with my apartment—the spacious layout and large windows made the apartment feel quite large. While I was apprehensive to leave Pittsburgh, I was excited to be closer to my family at a place I knew would provide the best care possible to me.

With my background in food writing and my love for opera and the symphony, I was excited that Grand Oaks offers several great activities and committees to join. I love being on the food committee, which works closely with our executive chef and his team on dishes and ingredients that residents want to eat. I also love that Grand Oaks organizes outings to the wonderful entertainment options that Washington, D.C. offers. There is no shortage of options to keep my day active and fun.

For anyone in need of an assisted living community, I highly recommend Grand Oaks. I’ve referred numerous people to Grand Oaks, and I will continue doing so because I believe in the staff and their vision for senior care.

Barbara Whalen, Resident

Barbara, Grand Oaks ResidentWhen I think about Grand Oaks Assisted Living, I think about the warm and comforting ambiance that fills the community each and every day. I am very thankful that I get to call Grand Oaks home.

My journey to Grand Oaks happened a little sooner than I anticipated due to a health scare, but thanks to my family and their planning, my transition to Grand Oaks was smooth and timely.

Before living at Grand Oaks, I owned a home in Bethesda, MD and I’m fortunate enough to have my children live close to me as well. My daughter was helping me plan for the next chapter of my life, and this is when we discovered Grand Oaks. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Grand Oaks after seeing everything that I have available to me and the safety the community provides with its connection to Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Not long after this, I fell very ill during a trip with my family. After returning home, my children stayed with me to care for me, but we all knew that this wasn’t the long-term solution. We knew it was time for me to move to Grand Oaks. I am very thankful that my daughter took the time to help me plan for the next phase of my life because we found my next home right when I needed it the most.

The move-in process was quick and easy because of my family and assistance from Grand Oaks. I loved that I had the freedom to decorate my apartment however I wanted with all of my personal memories and decorations – this really made it feel like home for me.

I really enjoy being a part of the book club and the rent committee. I think it’s unique and rewarding that a community like Grand Oaks gives residents the opportunity to be a part of the innerworkings of the establishment and help to make the living experience as best as it can be for each resident.

I can’t say enough good things about the care staff at Grand Oaks. They’re always so attentive and polite when helping me. I always look forward to seeing them because they not only help to improve the quality of my life, but they enjoy getting to know me, which means a great deal to me. I would encourage anyone in need of assisted living care to visit Grand Oaks and experience what makes it so special.

Current Resident

Breakfast here is an exceptionally pleasant experience. The food is tasty and healthy. The servers are helpful and knowledgable, and always pleasant and friendly. So, we, the guests are fortunate to be able to start our day in good spirits. My thanks to everyone involved in making my day.

P.S. You compare well with The White House.

2018 Bronze National Quality Award Winner

Our commitment to improving the lives of all residents gave us the opportunity to be honored with this wonderful award.