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Get to Know the Grand Oaks Team: Michelle Hill

Feb 16, 2023 | Featured, Grand Oaks Team | 0 comments

The dedicated team at Grand Oaks is proud of the personal relationships built with every resident that comes through their doors. Improving care—and quality of life—is always at the forefront of their work. Director of Resident Services Michelle Hill, RN, CDP, shares this mission.

Learn more about Michelle and her role at Grand Oaks in our Q&A below.

Grand Oaks: How long have you worked in senior living?

Michelle Hill: I have worked in senior living for six years in various assisted living communities. I joined the Grand Oaks team in 2021.

Grand Oaks: How would you describe your role and the care you provide residents? 

Michelle Hill: My job allows me to get to know each resident personally. I have the freedom to take this information and create a customized service plan for each resident, helping our team provide every resident with personalized care.

Grand Oaks: You’re a Certified Dementia Practitioner. What does that mean?

Michelle Hill: The knowledge I have gained from being a Certified Dementia Practitioner has allowed me to engage with residents living with dementia in a more meaningful way. As residents age, this certification allows me to guide families through the transition to Memory Care if needed.

Grand Oaks: Why do you enjoy working in senior living? 

Michelle Hill: There is so much to learn from our senior population. I love connecting with residents and listening to their life stories and the many lessons they have learned throughout the years.

Grand Oaks: What does an average day look like for you as Director of Resident Services?

Michelle Hill: My typical day involves helping residents and families solve problems. I’m here to ensure we meet every resident’s needs, and that they are happy at Grand Oaks.

Grand Oaks: How often do you interact with residents?

Michelle Hill: Not a day goes by that I don’t interact with multiple residents. Whether they are stopping by my office to say hi or we are chatting in the hallway, I’m always spending time with residents.

Grand Oaks: What differentiates Grand Oaks from other senior living/memory care facilities?

Michelle Hill: Coming to Grand Oaks allows the family to leave the role of caregiver and simply focus on enjoying their time with their loved one while our team takes care of their loved one’s social, physical, and medical needs.

Grand Oaks: What is your advice for families considering senior living or memory care for their loved ones? 

Michelle Hill: Find a facility with friendly staff, good customer service, and prioritization of residents. Finding a facility with a good interdisciplinary team that keeps families in the loop and communicates changes in residents when first observed is also important.

Grand Oaks: Share a favorite moment or memory at Grand Oaks.

Michelle Hill: My favorite moment—which happens often—is seeing the smiles on residents’ faces when they participate in our large group activities.

Grand Oaks: What do you like to do in your free time?

Michelle Hill: I enjoy hiking and trying out different coffee shops.

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