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Get to Know the Grand Oaks Team: Beth Abate

Oct 24, 2022 | Featured, Grand Oaks Team, Health & Wellness | 0 comments

Every day, the Grand Oaks team goes above and beyond to make aging in place a healthy, safe, and rewarding experience for our residents. This new blog series introduces the faces behind the scenes at Grand Oaks—the staff and healthcare providers that care for and comfort residents daily.

For our first Q&A, meet Beth Abate, DNP, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, ANP-BC, RN-BC. Beth is a nurse practitioner providing medical services to senior living residents who target their physical, mental, and overall well-being.

Grand Oaks: How would you describe your role and the care you provide residents? 

Beth Abate: I provide onsite, urgent clinical care and manage residents’ chronic health conditions to prevent hospitalizations. I coordinate care with primary care providers (PCPs), consultants (cardiologists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other providers), families, and the assisted living nursing staff. I also provide nursing and training for the nursing staff.

Grand Oaks: Why do you enjoy working at Grand Oaks? 

Beth Abate: Working with the Grand Oaks community is a privilege. I love what I do. It is based on the dual values of professionalism and compassion. Grand Oaks allows me to provide all-inclusive, quality medical care and meet the growing healthcare needs of the geriatric population. Bringing healthcare to residents, without having them leave their home environment, is rewarding. I also enjoy the close relationship and open communication I have with our residents, their loved ones, and the staff.

Grand Oaks: What are the 3 most important factors to aging well? 

Beth Abate: Addressing physical, mental, and cognitive healthcare needs.

Grand Oaks: What are the most common health concerns that might indicate your senior loved one needs senior living?

Beth Abate: Look for multiple chronic health issues that require coordination of clinical care. For example, this may include an inability to perform daily activities or a decline in memory requiring supportive memory care.

Grand Oaks: What is your advice for families considering Grand Oaks for their senior loved ones? 

Beth Abate: There are so many reasons Grand Oaks is the best choice for your loved ones’ senior living care. We have an onsite full-time nurse practitioner (myself) attending to the healthcare needs of residents in collaboration with the resident’s primary care provider. We promote patient- and family-centered care; provide access to services for physical, mental, and cognitive needs to residents; and foster aging in place. We’re also located on the campus of Sibley Memorial Hospital, which is convenient for residents that require a higher level of care.

Grand Oaks: How can families assist their senior loved ones in aging well?

Beth Abate: Families are the backbone of their loved ones’ care, and often many become caregivers because they want to see their loved ones age well. They can help their loved ones by being attentive and mindful of their physical, mental, and cognitive needs and helping them identify a provider and/or a setting that supports both an individualized care plan and aging well in place.

Grand Oaks: Share a favorite moment or memory at Grand Oaks.

Grand Oaks residents are amazing. Each has a story to tell. One of the many memorable events I had was with a resident with dementia. I received a call on a Sunday morning. She asked if I would be able to see her play the piano. She is very talented. It was an honor and privilege to come see her and enjoy the moment with her. It was a rewarding experience to see her happy and share the experience with her family.

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